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Lesley Garrett, Barnsley Youth Choir and an Outstanding MVC

Now that REALLY was a lot of fun.

Excellent reviews from everybody I spoke to from the audience, and listening to chatter as I was leaving, we made a very big impression. “Super…”, naturally, the most talked about song.

A fantastic day for me. High spirits and good humor from the lads at the rehearsal.  Lesley, down to earth and charming. A near full house of an appreciative audience and the choir singing wonderfully!

I can’t imagine any complaints from the lads. MD Steve will no doubt have a few niggles but he looked very pleased with us. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen him looking so happy.  A very good night night for Steve all round.

Two Pauls and a Malc

Behold! The reason The Lost Chord doesn’t want to be found!

SR and LG

The very gorgeous, talented and charming Mr Steve Roberts and Lesley Garrett. hehehehe….


Very proud indeed last night to a part of Honley MVC and looking forward to seeing what Steve and the committee come up with to top it.

It will have to be something VERY special.