Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

Thanks and Congratulations!

It was so lovely to welcome everyone to the Ladies Circle Virtual Coffee Morning yesterday. An opportunity to share a moment of Christmas with all of our members and to raise money too! It was such a lovely relaxed and joyous occasion….and with some very nice cakes to be auctioned too. Thanks to Carole and Denise!

We would like to say a massive ‘thank-you’ to all that purchased tickets
for our Lucky Squares Christmas Raffle. The live draw took place and the congratulations to all our winners.

·1st prize – A painting by our resident artist Renee Wild – *121 GRAHAM

·2nd prize – A £60 Grappolo Restaurant (Lockwood) Voucher – *43 Brian &
Denise Winterbottom*

·3rd prize – A Christmas Hamper from Taylors Food Store (Honley) – *31
Ceri Davies*

·4th prize – A Bottle of Champagne – *111 Phil Kirkpatrick*

·5th prize – A Bottle of Courvoisier VSOP Cognac – *112 Matt & Jane Greaves*

·6th prize – A £10 Bolster Moor Farm Shop (Golcar) Voucher – *209 Ronnie

·7th prize – A Copy of Tony Gibson’s ‘Punz & Poemz’ Booklet – *14 David

·8th prize – A £10 Bolster Moor Farm Shop (Golcar) Voucher – *107 Pim Milner*

We can confirm the raffle raised £478 which, once doubled by One
Community’s Match It! Fund (due February 2021) will generate £956 for
the choir! Thank to all our supporters!

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