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Winner HMVC Wine Tasting


Worthy Winner of this years Wine Tasting evening was Barbara Lewis, self confessed ‘Prosecco Queen’. Barbara came in with 5 correct answers to the wine selections and a tie breaker score of 17 in the quiz.

HMVC wine tasting is run by choir member Chris Rogers along the lines of “Would I Lie To You!”  whereby a panel of ‘Wine Experts’ read a hilarious description of the wine of which only one is correct. Participants must discern this for each of the six wines. Of course the descriptions are made to be very difficult to read by our volunteer experts, and are hard to pronounce when a few wines have been imbibed, especially with a few risqué statements and double-entendres thrown in!

This evening panelists were Roger Wild, (Chairman), Denise Winterbottom (Ladies Chairwoman) and Graham Smith (Secretary) and all were good sports dressing up in berets and aprons and trying dubious accents like an episode of “Allo, ‘Allo”.

Also there was a table picture quiz to help separate the scores. Nibbles and soft drinks supplied by The Ladies Group and Roast Beef Sandwiches supplied by Mary Rogers. The evening was hosted and compered by Chris Rogers.

Thanks to all who took part and had a great evening. With limited tickets you don’t want to miss the next one next year!

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