Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

FREE Concert. Come & Join Us!

Come & Join Us! Get Involved

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It’s never been a better time to start singing in a Choir!

It really has been proven to improve Health and Happiness, and its great cameraderies for a bunch of blokes to meet and sing and have a few beers afterwards! (perhaps not the healthy bit!).

But were doing a free concert for you to have a look and hear, with a few local Guest.(TBA). So forget the Karaoke, and singing into the Shower Head and get along and sing with real men!  You wont regret it!

The concert will be informal and cabaret style tables for free refreshments (not beers sorry!)

It’s by ticket only (for refreshments) and you can get these from any choir member, Holmfirth Tourist Office 01484 222444;

Gail The Flower Box Meltham, 01484 850771

The Gallery Cafe, Honley 01484 666144

You dont need to read Music, just like singing and be able to carry a tune!

Come on, who doesnt want to sing in the Town Hall, with great celebrities?

Ladies need some space?… Send your man off on a Tuesday evening 7.30  to our choir practice in Honley Nursery & Infant School and give him something to do! See www.honleymvc.co.uk for details.

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