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Sad Loss of David Jagger

David Jagger RIP LORES

It was a huge shock to the choir on Saturday morning when it was announced of  the unexpected passing of David Jagger (71), one of our stalwart Tenors. I was only talking to him on Friday evening at rehearsal and he was laughing and quite his normal self. We just couldn’t believe the news and it left us very sad and shaken.

We understand his passing being sudden and peaceful whilst asleep is no consolation to Marilyn his wife and the rest of his family. But we will never forget him and the contribution he made to the choir and personally touching all our lives.

His funeral is on Wednesday 10th June, at Christ Church Woodhouse, Huddersfield. We will all be there to sing One Moment in Time and give him a Irish Blessing, which he loved so much. He will be listening, so we’d best get it right!

May you forever sing in the Celestial Choir whilst we toil below. We will miss you and remember you every time we sing Deep Harmony.

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