Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

Honley MVC recording for a CD

HMVC Recording LORES

I’ve always wanted to have a recording career in a “Boy Band” and now my dream has come true!  Honley are recording a selection of around 20 songs togo on a CD and a fair reflection of our current repertoire. Its been a while since we last recorded.. I believe you can still get back copies at the iStore or on You Tube!.  Bt the time is right to do another session so here we go…

And lots of happy smiling faces there are too… (I think Steven just told a joke).  It was a hard days recording for the first session to produce 10 songs, some of which we did over and over again to ensure we got it right. The microphones take no prisoners!! Even the sigh or relief ( or was it a groan) after one session was recorded.

HMVC Recordings-2 It took ages before the Maestro, like the man from Delmonte, said Yes! in collaboration with Tony our professional recording man they pored over every take and track then said “do it again…”

All in all a very tiring day but we got through and now now what to expect for the next session, mid June.

It was good exercise though, in singing much more quietly than our Town Hall blasts where we have to fill the space, and time for the subtleties in the music to come out.

HMVC Recordings-3

It will be a few weeks before the final cut is completed and we are ready to press our first discs. So you’ll have to wait for then.  So buy as many as you like, as long as  we go Platinum before Christmas we don’t care!

HMVC Recordings-5

HMVC Recordings-1

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