Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

Honley Mail Nov-14 HMVC Gains Registered Charity Status

After much hard work and huge volumes of paper work Honley Male Voice Choir, has now received official Charitable Status, but what does this mean? Roger Wild, the man mainly responsible for this explains below

Charitable Status. Choir members will recall that at our last AGM certain changes, relating to the wording of our rules and constitution, were made so that we could meet the requirements to be registered as a charity. Changes as to how we manage the choir mean that those members who hold an office or who are members of the General Committee are now also the trustees of the choir as a charity and we will have to produce annual reports which will be published on the Charity Commission website and accessible to the general public. In September we announced this to the choir and are currently working on understanding, in detail, the benefits that this will bring to the choir. The choir will still need the income generated from concerts, member’s subscriptions and the Ladies Circle, but holding charitable status should benefit these activities. In broad terms the main ways in which we expect the choir to benefit are as follows:

  • We will be able to claim Gift Aid on any donations from individuals who are income tax payers. This currently means that for every £100 donated we can claim an additional £25 and this can include members’ subscriptions.
  • It should make our search for other forms of support, e.g. from organisations and businesses, more easy to come by as they will benefit from the publicity and from the tax man by contributing to a charity (us). Typically this could include sponsorship, programme adverts, etc.
  • When purchasing items for the choir we may be able to gain some discount because we are a charity – this worked well for us recently when we received a significant discount from Morrisons for a large amount of water purchased for the choirs singing in the WW1 concert and could work well for our other events.

We are now at the stage of learning more about how we maximise the gains for the choir and the detailed responsibilities required of a charity. We would appreciate contact from anyone who has firsthand experience with the finances of a charity and who could offer any help. We will keep you informed.

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