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Haunting devastation and frightening beauty

Is one way to describe the Armed Man’s mix of crashing discordancy and enlightening hopefulness embodied in this modern work for peace. It used to be Barber’s Adagio which framed the futility of armed conflict and looked back reflectively. Not Jenkins’ work, which engages the here and now with hope for the future during the horror and strife of battles present.  The mood and tone perfectly expresses the fear and resolve of battle and the belief of divine patronage, mixed with the horrors of modern warfare. The Sanctus sends a chill down the spine as you imagine marching inevitability and devastation, be it marching armies or the flight of aircraft into the Twin Towers…

The gentle heights and evocative peace of the Benedictus, brings hope and calm and is guaranteed to to bring a tear, a lump in the throat and the reflective thought of WHY, in God’s Name Why? But then its always in God’s name, on both sides.

Honley will join with 3 other MIXED Voice choirs of 280 singers to bring this major work to Huddersfield Town Hall on Saturday 20th September, where we will commemorate the fallen of the First World War for the centenary. Ably accompanied by the renowned organist Jonathan Scott on the Father Willis Organ and Lead Cornet from Honley Brass. This multi media concert will also tell the lives of WW1 soldiers through some of the lives of men from Honley in Songs from the Trenches, with narration and large screen image presentation. Flags will be paraded by members of the Huddersfield Royal British Legion.

It’s going to be one of those occasions where if your not there, you’ll probably regret it for a long time. Still not to late to get tickets.

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