Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

The New Member

A Lot of you will remember the late Alan Bradford, who recently ascended to ‘The Great Choir above’. His widow Sue dropped in to a recent practice and gave me a poem Alan had composed, which I show below in full.

 I went across to Honley to meet a group of men

To see if I could join them to sing the great AMEN

They welcomed me with smiling face and shook me by the hand

Then bid me welcome into their merry little band

They sat me next to Brian, the leader of our group

To see if I could sing or not and to make sure I didn’t scoop

I was given lots of music but told to listen first

So I sat there very quietly whilst all the choir rehearsed

Now I have been to many concerts and listened to lots of choirs

And thought I would like to join them in their musical hours

But none ever prepared me for the treat I had to come

For I was left spellbound as the room began to hum

From every man there came a wonderful sound

From tenors, bass and baritones the sound was all around

One minute soft and gentle, the next so fierce and strong

I had to join this band of men and make sure it wasn’t long

So off I went with my music to practice night and day

Until the Master called me to come sing and I will play

I thought I sang quite badly and asked should I sing more

He said ‘that was quite alright’, but I think his ears were sore

But here’s a bit of good advice, of this there can be no doubt

You must always drop your bottom jaw or sound will ne’er come out

Since then I’ve sung at Wembley, at our Town Hall as well

And had a memorable evening at the Stockport Citadel

I always try to sing better, so I don’t let my new friends down

Or get from the Master a disapproving frown

So every night you will find me practising hour by hour

For I am proud to be a member of Honley Male Voice Choir. 

Alan Bradford  Apprentice Baritone  1996

Lovely words Alan, we miss you 

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