Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

Running out of chairs.

Four rehearsals into the new year and every night new voices joining in. Two prospective tenors last night. I haven’t had chance to say “how do?”  yet but both looked to be enjoying getting stuck into “Super’.”

Got my tickets for Norman’s music hall night. I’m told these are always a superb night of entertainment.  Quite looking forward. Haven’t been anywhere near “music hall”  since watching The Good Old Days with me Granny Rouse.  Actually, talking of music hall, Gran was where I first heard that fabled Max Miller joke about the mountain pass… I won’t reproduce it here for fear of offending the faint of heart and anyway, most have heard it.

I’m pretty sure the bar will be set a little higher on March 8th at Southgate Theater Honley, but  bawdy is fine by me.

I did go to City Varieties in Leeds one time. Saw Steeleye Span there in fact. Well worth sitting in the cramped  stalls to hear Maddy Prior sing. THE best voice in British folk music for my money. I’m not an overt fan of folk music but a beautiful voice is a beautiful voice.

The promise of new music next week and its also an “official” recruitment night. Here’s hoping, it would be great to see yet new faces.

So far the idea, dream even, of getting seventy HMVC voices or more on stage is starting to look quite reasonable!

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  1. The old ones are the best even if a bit near the knuckle! I’ve always been a big avid Maddy Prior fan since Steeleye Span days and she used to be queen of folk but check out Kate Rusby a local lass with the voice of an folky angel!

    February 5, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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