Possibly one of the top Male Voice Choirs in West Yorkshire, England. Website: www.honleymvc.co.uk

Singing is such a Buzz


Now we are 57! Honley rehearsing for the Christmas concert with Cory Band in Huddersfield TownHall


There’s nothing like the buzz of sixty or more blokes singing in harmony and filling an auditorium with sound!

The richness of tone, the quiet passages through to full throttle, creating an echo in large halls in a following silence. Whether this be a traditional piece or something more modern, from religious through the secular contemporary, it’s amazing the width of sound which can be produced. The exhilaration of the performance and the appreciation of the audience all add to that great feeling!

Leslie Garrett choir

Lesley Garrett with Honley Male Voice Choir in 2012 at the 75th Anniversary Concert


It’s even more special singing with a celebrity guest soloist such as Lesley Garrett, who we performed with us a couple of years back. It gives the opportunity not only to sing but also to choreograph a few moves into the act to add the dynamism of a stage show rather than serried rows on a rostrum.

Lesley, the Doncaster Diva, is very approachable and can be guaranteed to deliver an excellent performance. She is also a great crowd puller with a large following, which makes filling our Town Hall of some 1200 seats much easier.

Last time we staged ‘One’ with bowler hat and cane, and ‘Les Miserables’, and it will be brilliant to stage another show at the end of May. I for one am looking forward to a new programme of exceptional music and song and just happy to be part of that great experience. But the benefits outweigh the efforts of learning the songs, words and dance routines so it’s a good job we are starting rehearsals early to give time for perfection.  I recommend any singing male wanting to be part of this to come and join us.

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